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Can Video Solve Your Biggest Challenges? What Every Startup & Brand Should Know About Video

The first challenge faced by every business: How Do I Grow Conversions & Sales?

Patrick then shared how Average Joe’s Eyewear used video reviews from their actual customers to show how their glasses and frames looked on real people. As a result, they saw a 40% increase in conversions on their website. Here is an example of one of their videos:

The second challenge faced by every business: How Do I Help Customer Trust My Brand?

Patrick then shared the example of how Protalus, the innovative insole company, created a library of video testimonials, to help their shoppers see how real people like them used their products.

The third challenge faced by every business: How Do I Generate More Authentic Content Efficiently?

Patrick then shared the example of EcoFlow Tech used video testimonials from their real customers to generate organic social media content, SEO content, Ads, etc…See an example below:

The fourth challenge faced by every business: What New Features and Products Should I Build?

Patrick then shared how Washabelle was able to better understand their customer and their needs by collecting video reviews and video testimonials about their experience with their mattress. See an example below:

The fifth challenge faced by every business: How Do I Turn My Customers to Evangelists?

Patrick then shared how the well known Speaker and Author, Ty Bennett, used Video Testimonials to empower his own customers to share their experiences about him and his speeches, and how it impacted their business. See an example below:

The sixth challenge faced by every business: How Do I Get The Funding I Need?

Patrick then shared how American Heritage Worldwide collected Video Testimonials from the parents who use their stay at home curriculum to teach their children, to show their board the real impact they are having around the world. The result was that the board wrote out a large check to help continue funding their program . See an example below:

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