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Itzy Ritzy Increases Authenticity

Seeing the value in user-generated video content as a way to cultivate meaningful, long-term customer relationships and feed this brand loyalty back into their marketing cycle, Itzy Ritzy recognized a need for a solution to quickly and cost-effectively collect and publish customer videos at scale that was easy for their busy customers to use. Their goals were to:
Develop Authenticity
Strengthen Community & Loyalty
Improve Conversions
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Itzy Ritzy Increases Sales by 12%

After using VideoPeel to capture a wealth of amazing customer video content, they constructed a test to prove the efficacy of authentic customer videos in VideoPeel's Video Carousel Player. The results of an A/B test in their product pages demonstrated significant growth:
8.1% Growth in Conversions
12% Growth in Sales
14.8% Growth in Transactions
"Our consumers have an aversion to the staged, to the inauthentic. The content we've acquired through VideoPeel isn't only proven to convert, it's a real way to connect with the amazing parents who have built our brand so we can make them feel as special as they are." - Lee Kantz, Director DTC eCommerce, Itzy Ritzy

Byte Gives Customers Peace of Mind

Prior to VideoPeel, Byte customers had a very difficult time getting a quick response to their issues with their teeth, because they didn't have an effective way to articulate their concern. In the past, customers had to try and describe their concerns by writing it down which required a lot of back and forth through email and text. The licensed dental professionals trying to troubleshoot each patient had to figure out a lot of information: how long they were using the unit, etc, and get pictures, which files were often too big to send through email. The response time got up to 7-10 business days, which led to a lot of customers getting upset. By introducing VideoPeel, Byte gave their customers the ability to easily utilize video to show their issues, concerns, and success with their products, how Byte has changed their life.
Reduce Response Time
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Improve Loyalty and Conversions
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Byte Decreases Response Time

VideoPeel is a huge help for Byte's customers. It gave their customers more confidence and peace of mind in Byte's ability to solve their needs, because customers were able to better demonstrate their concerns through video. With VideoPeel, Byte has been able to reduce their response time from 7-10 days to 72 hours.

Before VideoPeel, Byte wasn't using customer video testimonials very much in their marketing. Now with VideoPeel, authentic customer video testimonials are in the forefront of their marketing, including emails, social media, segmented campaigns, etc. Getting videos from actual customers has been so much more effective for them. People want to see real results.
57% Decrease in Response Time: from 7 days to 72 hours
10x Number of Authentic Customer Testimonials Videos
"VideoPeel is great, it gives our customers peace of mind, they can upload a video of their concerns, and we can show them how to fix their teeth and grow their confidence." - Yahaira Avalos, Byte, Reputation Manager

biBerk by Berkshire Hathaway Collects Hundreds of Video Reviews

biBerk, a part of the Berkshire Hathaway Group, specializes in providing commercial insurance directly to small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to bypass traditional insurance agents and brokers, resulting in lower premiums. biBerk successfully implemented VideoPeel's innovative software back in 2020 to streamline the collection of video reviews from their diverse clientele across various industries. The solution provided a seamless method for biBerk's representatives to capture genuine customer experiences by simply sharing alink with their customers.
Collected 100's of authentic video reviews
Video Reviews appear prominently on Google Search and on YouTuber
Video Reviews help drive conversions across biBerk's funnels
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AppSumo shifts into customer-centric ads

AppSumo used VideoPeel to shift its messaging towards a more customer-centric brand and invested in aligning itself with real, community-respected individuals. VideoPeel made it easy to gather videos from customers and partners in the community, work those videos into their email flows, and then format collected videos for seamless integration into other marketing materials, such as brand-produced videos and paid ads. Appsumo's goals were:
Grow Revenue
Increase Voice of the Customer
Improve Conversions
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AppSumo reaches 10.25 ROAS with VideoPeel

With VideoPeel, AppSumo began running customer testimonial ad campaigns. In a recent campaign, the team was able to turn $21K in ad spend into $218K+ profitable revenue and achieve 10.25X ROAS with a 13 percent Conversion Rate. See example video here.
$21K in Ad Spend Results in $218K in Profitable Revenue
10.25 ROAS
13% Conversion Rate
"I think about good advertising in the context of my Facebook Newsfeed. If something is clearly an ad, I know I'm being sold something. But when the content is organic and real, I would stop scrolling and watch, just like my friend's content. Friends and family recommendations still rank as one of the higest, most trusted sources when making purchasing decisions. People don't buy from brands anymore, people buy from people."
- Nick Christensen, Head of Marketing, AppSumo

ENTRE Institute builds social proof

Prior to VideoPeel ENTRE Institute didn't have a process for capturing user generated videos and utilizing it for social proof. They needed social proof to show their students, lenders, and merchant accounts the kind of impact they are having on students. And they wanted an easier way to capture stories and testimonials to use in their content and marketing. Their goals were:
Social Proof
Develop Authenticity and Loyalty
Improve Conversions
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ENTRE Institute gets over 15% Avg. Video Submission Conversion Rate

VideoPeel is a huge time saver for ENTRE Institute and its customers. The simplistic nature of the whole VideoPeel system, makes it extremely fast and efficient for the end consumer. They just click on the link and they can start recording. VideoPeel takes care of the rest. Since using VideoPeel, ENTRE Institute has grown the number of video testimonials and customer video journals they've collected by more than 100X with a video submission conversion rate of 15% plus.
100X the Number of Video Testimonials & Video Journals
15%+ Averaged Video Submission Conversion Rate
100's of Hours Saved of Valuable Employee Time
"VideoPeel is very much worth the investment as we use it daily and it has made a ripple effect within the entire company." - Carly Eldred, Community Lead, Entre Institute

GoSho raised over $500K

GoSho by 1byOne, creator of the world's most powerful mini HD projector, used VideoPeel to recruit video game and movie enthusiasts and to collect video reviews for their Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign helping them raise over $500K. See example video.
Raised $540,576
Reached over 4,618% of their funding goal
Received backing from 1,700+
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United Nations builds community of CEOs

The United Nations Global Compact utilizes VideoPeel for its #UnitingBusiness campaign to collect video submissions from CEOs and businesses from 26 different countries around the world. VideoPeel collected, transcribed, translated, and published videos to the United Nations' website and to their VideoPeel Video Community.
Hundreds of videos from CEOs Taking Action
CEOs representing 26 different countries
Flexible and customizable Video Community
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Global Talent Firm Collects 20,000+ Videos

A global talent firm was looking for a solution to collect videos from candidates to get to know them better so they could improve their matching capabilities for their clients. The success of their business is based on how good they are in matching candidates to client’s jobs. The Global Recruiting, Outsourcing & Talent Firm turned to VideoPeel for a solution. VideoPeel’s smooth process of collecting videos through a simple link was a game-changer. Candidates could easily upload videos responding to different prompts. The firm could then download the videos for further study, allowing their tech team to gain a deeper understanding of their candidates to train their AI. This process significantly improved their HR recruiting efforts.
Job candidates can easily upload video responses to different prompts
Over 20,000 video interviews have already been collected with VideoPeel
Global Talent Firm is using the interviews to train it's AI model
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