Accept Video Submissions

Collect videos from your customers, employees and candidates in seconds.

Customize your campaign, design, and presentation like never before

Add your video, logo, or written presentation, and add calls to action and customizable prompts, all within your VideoPeel campaign.
Customize your campaign form with your brand's look and feel
Collect videos and other data like photos, files, Google Reviews, etc.
Include video instructions or example photos & videos
Ask one or more video questions
Customize your prompts and permissions
Customize your thank you page
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No app download required. Record from any device with a camera

Initiate the request through any device or channel to utilize your VideoPeel campaign in order to quickly request UGC.
SMS, Email, or Website
QR Code
Direct message on all social media platforms
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Streamline the rights and ownership of the UGC to publish on any channel

VideoPeel has effectively streamlined the process to gain permissions and usage rights to all content.
Fully customizable Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
UGC cannot be submitted without the creator's consent
Checkbox or e-signature options available
Maintain a record of each submitter's permissions
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Manage all content (video, photo, text, files) in one centralized dashboard

Tag, publish or download all forms of collected content from your VideoPeel Media Library.
Tagging, filtering, and search
Automated transcription
Multi-User Collaboration
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Publish Your Videos to the People That Matter Most

Easily select from our various publishing options to showcase your videos externally or internally to your audiences.
Automatically create a Video Share Page for each video or photo you receive
Automate the creation of an externally shareable video library  for easy sharing
Automate the creation of external video review pages for SEO purposes
Embed a video carousel player or wall of love to your website
Download each video, or via bulk downloading and CSV download
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Tap into our VideoPeel Consumer Panel

You can go beyond your own customers, and send video surveys to our VideoPeel Consumer Panel
Designate the audience you want to send your vdeo survey to
Select prospects by demo, company, indusrty, occupation, title, etc.
Get feedback and content about your site, ads, product, etc.
VideoPeel manages the recruiting, rewards, etc.
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Gain Valuable Real-time Consumer Insights

With VideoPeel's AI Services, we can generate consumer insights based on your video, photo, and text-based submissions
Develop a modern deep understanding into your customer
With our AI Services we can help you define your customer segments and share insights with your stakeholders
Our AI Services team can help with all types of research including competitive, product testing, pricing, etc.
Access each customer profile and summary learnings/takeaways
Get shareable reports and compilation videos each month
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