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Easily request content from your users wherever they are. VideoPeel helps automate the request and easily publish your content to your website and other location to instantly start generating more sales.
Collect more content. Through remote capturing.
Easily Publish. Push content or plug into your webiste
Increase Revenue. Drive engagement that leads to revenue.

Give Every Team  the Power of Automated Video Collection.

With over forty templates for the use cases below, collect videos instantly, at the perfect moment.
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Fully customize your customer video request

Build customer video campaigns that are specifically customized to your brand, customer community and campaign needs. Include Video instructions, or video examples, etc. Enable every department in your company to start collecting customer, employee, or candidate videos, images, and other files instantly. Our platform is built for your account to scale to hundreds of campaigns.

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Manage permissions across countries and industry requirements

Easily automate the capturing of permissions for each submission. Customize your privacy policy and terms and conditions for each campaign. You can even require a signature with each submission to meet industry requirements. And easily customize your language settings for each campaign.

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Access 40+ Ready Made Campaign Templates

Save time by utilizing one of our 40+ campaign templates. We have templates for requesting Video Testimonials, Employee Spotlights, Research Surveys, Product Reviews, Before and After Videos, How to Videos, Tutorial Videos, Customer Support Videos, Returns, Inspections, Content Creation, Candidate Interviews, Legal Requests, Assessments, etc..

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Capture video-based insights from any device anywhere in the world

Customize one or many questions so you can get video-based responses to all of your questions. Then, our platform will automatically transcribe your videos to get you the insights you need for each campaign.

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Customize URLs and Thank you Pages

Customize the experience your customers have after they submit their video. Lead them to your desired next steps or simply include a thank you gift such as a discount code or a freebie.

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Manage your video submissions with ease

Easily assign tags to specific videos for easy organization and filtering. Filter submissions by campaigns, tags, search or content type. Download one or more of your videos. And easily download all your data in spreadsheet format.

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Share access with multiple users across your org and with your partners

Give access to your teams and your partners for one or more campaigns. Set rights by campaign. And easily remove access from any user.

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Quickly share your videos

Customize your video share page including your logo, messaging, title, automated transcription or description, and call to action.

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Publish your videos

Share your customer videos to the right audience on your specific websites by installing video carousels, lists, galleries or by creating customizable video compilation pages.

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Integrate VideoPeel with your preferred applications

Automate video submissions into your workflow of choice like your CRM, or your communication and social channels. With our integration with Zapier, you can connect VideoPeel to thousands of your favorite aps.

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