Video Marketing

B2B Video Marketing Best Practices

Video has become the bread and butter of the internet. Everywhere you look, video is king. From social media to online business tutorials, video is growing in so many industries. That includes the industry of B2B marketing. In the last few years, B2B video marketing has become the new standard. In fact, 81% of businesses used video marketing last year, which is a big leap from the 63% in 2020. Video is—for the second year—the number one type of content businesses make.

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Marketing Video Software

Companies are continuously coming up with new innovative ways to reach, gain, and maintain customer personas of all sorts. What was once a trend is now a $135 billion dollar industry. Video marketing has set a new precedent for content marketing in all industries. Video marketing software gives companies full control over content personalization. Marketers use marketing video software to create content on a product or service to integrate into their marketing campaigns.

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When Establishing Video Social Proof, Time Is Money (Unless It’s Wasted)

Some well-timed insights on how to offer value at the most impactful point in time.

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Challenge Accepted! How Video Helps Brands Tackle These Common Problems

Optimize your marketing cycle and overcome these common problems using video.

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