Video Testimonials

How to Keep Video Testimonials Authentic

This blog post delves into the strategies for keeping video testimonials authentic, leveraging VideoPeel’s innovative features.

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Client Testimonial Templates

A well-designed testimonial template can make all the difference in turning a potential lead into a buying customer. It is no secret that testimonials are an essential step in a buyer's conversion path. In fact, studies have shown that simply having testimonials on a sales page can increase conversions by up to 30-50%. If that’s not enough, 92% of B2B consumers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review/testimonial: Needless to say, their importance shouldn’t be underestimated.

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What is the Goal of a Testimonial?

When you are considering buying from or hiring a company, what is the first thing you look at to decide whether or not you can trust that company? Most likely, you look at the reviews and testimonials from previous or current customers who can vouch for the validity of the organization.

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Testimonial Landing Page

It is no secret that testimonials skyrocket consumer conversion rates. Almost 80% of landing pages include customer testimonials. Landing page testimonials are direct quotes from your product or service’s consumers that serve as social proof for potential buyers who visit your website.

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Installing the VideoPeel Carousel Player

A carousel video is simply a creative form of advertising. You may recognize a video carousel when you see a slideshow of pictures, videos, headlines, taglines, call to action, or links rotating on a website or advertisement.

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VideoPeel Videos Surpass 52 Million Views

VideoPeel videos have been viewed through our VideoPeel Video Players over 52 Million times on our client's websites.

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