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Testimonial Landing Page

It is no secret that testimonials skyrocket consumer conversion rates. Almost 80% of landing pages include customer testimonials. Landing page testimonials are direct quotes from your product or service’s consumers that serve as social proof for potential buyers who visit your website. The best testimonials will resonate with your personas. Regardless of the testimonial type it is important to stay tuned with your audience and strategize your reach techniques for optimal funnel movement..

Here are VideoPeel’s 5 Must Have Testimonial Landing Page Ideas sure to inspire any buyer:

  1. Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are the best way to increase conversions simply by word of mouth. Consumers watching real people review your product or service in a genuine way give your potential buyer a sense of legitimacy with your company. In fact 92% of consumer marketers trust word of mouth above all other forms of advertising. Here are some thoughts to include in your next video testimonial for high conversion:

  • How does our Product/service benefit you?
  • Why did you choose our company/service?
  • How is our product/service better than other you’ve tried
  • How did our product/service help you?
  1. User Reviews

Typically the first thing a consumer looks to when purchasing a new     product or service is reviews. Consumers trust 5 stars to guide them through the decision making process. Incorporating reviews on your landing page not provides a form of social proof  to potential buyers but also:

  • Help you better understand your consumers and customer service efforts
  • Gain brand credibility
  • Allow consumers to have a voice and push customer loyalty
  • Improve rankings
  • Allow customers to market for you
  1. User quotes

Taking snippets of user reviews that will speak to your audience and integrating them on your landing page is another great way to sneak in testimonials on your website. User quotes are a great way for customers just glancing at your product to quickly decide if it is worthwhile. Many consumers visiting a webpage are skimming the page, quotes are perfect for those short attention spans while still portraying what they need to know.

  1. User Photos

Strategically placing user photos with your product gives potential customers a sense of legitimacy and trust with your brand. Using customer photos in the testimonial creates a trust in your brand’s legitimacy. At the end of the day  consumers want to see real people using real products. 

  1. Include Demographics Details

Discover how gender, age, and area can impact the way customers perceive   businesses. Use vague demographic details to appeal to your buyer's persona and make the reviews more personal to them. Not only does this help buyers relate and make more decisive decisions but also gives your business insights on key demographics your reaching:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Interests
  • income


Landing page testimonials can be tough to navigate. It’s important to strategize placement based on your key personas to see how and what reviews will appeal to them most. Let VideoPeel help you with your next Testimonial Landing Page, Start Free Today!

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