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Installing the VideoPeel Carousel Player

What is a Carousel Video

A carousel video is simply a creative form of advertising. You may recognize a video carousel when you see a slideshow of pictures, videos, headlines, taglines, call to action, or links rotating on a website or advertisement. This form of advertising allows multiple pictures and videos to be shown in one single ad. These are particularly useful on Facebook and Instagram as they have shown high success rates. Facebook describes carousel videos as a “richer storytelling experience”. For a carousel video it is important to share important messages, use high quality photos or videos, and keep everything intriguing.

Benefits of Carousel Videos

The benefits of using a carousel video are that it gives viewers the chance to see multiple messages in one place. If you are having trouble choosing one picture, video, or message to share to your audience, try using a video carousel. Carousel videos are more likely to receive more engagement simply because there is more content to take in, therefore the viewers spend more time watching the ad and potentially interacting with it. Social media presence is extremely important in today's world which is why carousel videos are so effective. 

Advertising using carousel videos is a great way to invite customers to get to know your brand, core message, and business purpose. This style of advertising performs well over other forms of advertising because of the outstanding relationship it builds between the brand and the customer.

How to Install VideoPeel Carousel Player

When one or more videos are submitted to your VideoPeel account, you can begin publishing them to your website. Follow these instructions to get your plugin code and install it on your website. 

  1. Go to your videos tab. 
  2. Choose the videos you want to be part of your Carousel Player.
  3. Once you have chosen the videos you want to include within your Carousel Player, click on the "Create Plugin" button in the upper right of the page.  
  4.  Once you click on "Create Plugin," a window will automatically pop up. Within this window, you will be able to name your plugin. See the example below:
  5. As soon as you name your Carousel and click on the blue "create button," you will be automatically redirected to your carousel page. Within this page, you can save your Carousel, add or remove videos and choose whether or not you want to include the VideoPee logo.
  6. Within your website editor (could be WordPress, Shopify, etc... include this one line of code where you can enter HTML/embed codes. See the example below. Remember you want to make sure the container or section you've added it to allows for 100% width so it can be centered properly. 
  7. Once a carousel is created, you can make adjustments anytime by clicking on the Plugins menu at the top of your dashboard.


You will be amazed at how much a carousel video will enhance your online presence. VideoPeel allows you to share carousel videos to your website easily and effectively to encourage customers to interact with your brand.

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