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Client Testimonial Templates

A well-designed testimonial template can make all the difference in turning a potential lead into a buying customer. It is no secret that testimonials are an essential step in a buyer's conversion path. In fact, studies have shown that simply having testimonials on a sales page can increase conversions by up to 30-50%. If that’s not enough, 92% of B2B consumers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review/testimonial: Needless to say, their importance shouldn’t be underestimated.

Despite appearing simple, testimonials are one of the most crucial pieces of copy on a website, and learning how to effectively display them could be the difference between a customer buying or bouncing from the page.

Components of a High-Quality Client Testimonial

Clarity and relatability: Make sure that your testimonials are actually useful for a potential customer deciding to purchase your product or service. It may address potential pain points and/or discuss how the product improved the customer's life in a way that speaks to potential consumers. In today's market, building trust is the first step in converting a customer. Adding a picture is a great way to demonstrate the reliability of the source and help build an emotional connection. Keep it simple and direct, the customer wants testimonials that speak to them and don’t just celebrate the company.

Consistency: Asking the right questions is the key to getting the right answers. The focus should not just be on what your customers say, but on how they say it. 

Conversions won’t come from providing testimonials that discuss why the business is good, but outlining why it is better than competitors or why the product is needed. Multiple testimonials that emphasize key USPs are much more likely to resonate with customers.

Emotions: Keep your target audience in mind. Create personas or go into the testimonial interview process with a clear understanding of your target audience. You should be selecting testimonials that are representative of your potential customers so that they feel more connected to the interviewee and you as a company.

How to Ask Clients for Testimonials

Timing is everything:

Understand your customer's journey with your product or service. Ask yourself when the optimal time to ask for a testimonial might be. For a product-based company, it will most likely be once the customer has purchased and used the product, however with service-based offerings, it may be after you helped your client achieve something or overcome a difficult situation. Ensure you have the right time in mind before you send the testimonial request.

Automation Vs Manual:

Depending on who and when you send the request, it is important to decide if Email automation or manual requests fit better for your customers. A smaller client-facing business will most likely opt for a manual email, however, those with minimal interaction may choose an automated email.

Consider an Incentive:

People are inundated with emails on a daily basis, so getting people to both read the email and agree to a testimonial can be a challenge. The solution? A simple incentive. It could be anything from a gift card, or a discount, to company swag. 

Provide Multiple Testimonial Avenues For Them to Use :

Not all customers are the same, that is why it is important to give your customers options to either write, film, or voice record their testimonials.

We recommend the following options:

  • Film a short video
  • Write a few paragraphs providing prompting questions
  • A live recorded interview
  • Voice recording
  • Interview or podcast

Simple Questions:

An effective list of testimonial questions allows you to dig into why a customer is satisfied with your service in a way that will resonate with potential customers. 

Open-ended questions allow customers to really expand and share their thoughts and help avoid one-word responses. Keep in mind what you think will help convert your target audience.

  • Offering Backlinks:

Linking back to a customer's website can be a great incentive for those who are trying to improve SEO or Google rankings. No matter what channel the testimonial is published on, this is a great way to spread the word and encourage reach out in exchange for testimonials. 

Product Testimonial Template

This type of testimonial is ideal for tackling objections or hesitations a buyer may have. The length of the product testimonial will be dependent on the price of the product itself. The pricer the product the more in-depth the testimonial will need to be to encourage conversion.

The overall goal of a product testimonial is to highlight the benefits, flush out objections, and help the customer understand the purpose and use of the product.

Common questions for product testimonials include:

  • Where/how do you use this product?
  • What do you like most?
  • What does the product help you with?
  • What was your main hesitation when buying the product? Did the product resolve these hesitations?

Case Study Testimonial

A Case study testimonial is the most in-depth of the testimonial styles. They are ideal for businesses with products or services that are expensive investments. This tends to be the best option for B2B companies selling services such as cybersecurity or health insurance that result in a long-term relationship.

The ideal case study testimonial takes a deep dive into the service/product, the customer, what makes you different, and the customer's overall experience with the product/service. For this particular testimonial, you will want to choose a customer who represents your target audience so you can appeal to them effectively.

Common questions for case studies include:

  • What is your industry? How many employees do you have?
  • What were you looking for in a product or service?
  • What challenge were you facing? How did the product overcome this challenge? 
  • How long have you worked with us?
  • What were your immediate thoughts about the product?
  • What benefits have you seen as a result of this product? 

Direct Quote Testimonials

The direct quote testimonial works well for lending social proof to your product or service. These are great for products that are smaller investments. This type of testimonial should be a few sentences that demonstrate what your customer liked most about your product or even why they would recommend it. When it comes to direct quote testimonials, more is more! It works better to have a variety of short testimonials that your customers can scroll through.

Common questions for direct testimonials include:

  • How was your experience with our product or service?
  • Would you recommend it to a friend? Why?
  • What did you enjoy most?

Video Testimonial

A video testimonial is one of the most powerful ways to capture your customers' experience with a product or service. It not only helps emotionally attach your target audience to the interviewee but helps them visualize how the product works. This works great for all types of investments and can be varied in length depending on the type of product or service and the level of commitment needed.

  • Common questions for video testimonials
  • What were you hoping to solve or accomplish when you purchased our service/product?
  • How does it compare to competitor products?
  • How were we able to solve your problem?
  • What is your favorite thing about what you purchased?

VideoPeels Solutions

VideoPeel is your all-in-one solution for effective video testimonials. VideoPeel allows you to capture customer videos instantly, at the perfect moment, to grow conversions, engagement, customer satisfaction, quality, accuracy, insights, and ROI. We provide the perfect template that allows you to pinpoint your prospect's or customer's needs by directly asking customized questions. It is the simple solution to video testimonials that pack a punch.

What are you waiting for? Try for free today.

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