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B2B Video Marketing Best Practices

Video has become the bread and butter of the internet. Everywhere you look, video is king. From social media to online business tutorials, video is growing in so many industries. That includes the industry of B2B marketing. In the last few years, B2B video marketing has become the new standard. In fact, 81% of businesses used video marketing last year, which is a big leap from the 63% in 2020. Video is—for the second year—the number one type of content businesses make. 

The prominence of video marketing doesn’t stop there. B2B marketers also know all about how popular video is, and it shows. 30% of marketers view video as more important in marketing than their website, and 69% of marketers expect video to be the number one investment area for 2022.

Basically, everybody is using video marketing, and B2B marketing is no exception. Traditional marketing uses video for product demonstrations, but obviously that is different for B2B marketing. Instead, B2B marketers use video for all areas of the customer funnel to great success. 

So what do you do with video marketing? You most likely want to boost your video B2B marketing and get started with the best practices and best ideas. Improve your video marketing with our guide here and VideoPeel services. 

Why B2B Video Marketing?

Video is definitely the content of today but why? Why has video become the form of content for B2B marketing? There’s a big reason why so many B2B companies are turning to video marketing: video is highly effective. Think about it this way. Why are you creating marketing content in the first place? What’s the point? Well, most marketers create content to share some kind of message with their audience. Most marketers would consider their content effective if the audience understood and retained the message. 

If that’s what we use to measure marketing effectiveness, video is incredibly effective. Research shows that audience members retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video but only 10% when they read text. That means your customers watching your videos are going to remember much more of what you want them to if you give them the message in video form. If you have them read it, they’re only going to remember a little bit. So B2B video marketing is on the rise because it works. 

B2B video marketing is also powerful because it’s what your audience wants. Individual customers love watching videos demonstrating products before they buy it. In fact, 96% of people have watched a video on the product before buying. Your B2B customers are the same way. Your products may be targeted at businesses, but the business representatives still want to know how the products work and see them in action before buying. 

Finally, video is a great marketing tool for B2B companies because it can drive success at every point in the marketing funnel. Videos convert customers. In fact, video boosts conversion rates by 80%. That’s huge when it comes to conversions. That crazy high conversion boost doesn’t just help with conversions; it makes video investment worth it. Whatever video costs you, you make it up and then some. Video provides that. 88% of video marketers find a positive ROI for their video investments, showing how video is improving their marketing funnel throughout the process. 

All in all, video is effective and powerful. B2B marketers can feel confident that a well made video will communicate their message and give them a great return on investment. Costumes want videos, and marketers love the results. 

Best Practices for B2B Video Marketing

You know the power of video marketing for B2B businesses, but how do you harness that power? Creating low quality videos won’t turn your marketing strategy into success, so it’s important to create videos your customers will want to use. But where to start? One of the best places to start is with these best practices for your B2B video marketing. 

Align your video with the right stage of the marketing funnel

There is, unfortunately, no universally accepted best stage of the marketing funnel to use heavy video marketing with. The truth is, any stage of the funnel is potentially a great opportunity for your business and your customers. So to get the most out of your B2B video marketing, you want to make sure your video is aligned with the right stage. Maybe video for your customers will be most effective at the conversion stage where they see product demos. Maybe video draws people to your website during the inform stage. Whatever best suits your business, utilize it and align with your video strategy. 

Align your video with the right channel

The channel is how you reach your audience, so you need to make sure your videos are transmitted through the right channels to reach the right audience. Right now, most B2B businesses use LinkedIn and Twitter as their digital marketing channels. While those channels are highly effective, you want to think about where your audience is. LinkedIn is likely to reach business professionals looking to convert whereas Twitter might be a great way to gain awareness. You might also find SEO optimization for videos on your website can be powerful, and YouTube has its own algorithm that can reach specific audiences. Once you have video aligned with your stage in the funnel, you can determine where your audience is and how best to reach them. 

Create content that educates

If you want to reach customers right from the start, you want content that educates and provides valuable information they can’t find elsewhere. Your company is an expert in something already. Use your expertise to educate potential customers and show your knowledge to potential customers that could benefit from your services. For example, an accounting software company is trying to reach accounting companies. They are already leading experts in accounting-related topics and in software. They have the unique opportunity to create educational content that shows their expertise in accounting to the accounting firms. 

The goal with creating content that educates is to establish a real relationship with your potential customers and your company. If you create content they can rely on and that helps them, they’re more likely to trust you and to value your services. Content that only tries to convert might be less useful for top-of-funnel customers, and they’re less likely to find your content valuable. Educational videos are part of relationship building, which is the foundation of what you want in marketing. 

Build credibility by leveraging the customer review

Video content doesn’t always have to be product demos or general education videos (though both are incredibly valuable). A great asset for a video marketing strategy is the customer review. Customers are powerful resources when it comes to conversion. Customers love to hear about other customers’ experiences. Video is a great way to make that happen. Create videos of customers recounting their experiences with your company as part of your B2B video marketing strategy. 

Customer reviews also help boost your company’s credibility. Letting real customers express their real experiences with your company (especially in video form, like with VideoPeel) shows honesty and transparency. Transparency, you know, is great for businesses and will go a long way further than just conversion. 

B2B Video Marketing Ideas

With those best practices in mind, you’re ready to get started with B2B video marketing that will benefit your company and help you showcase your products more widely. Not sure where to start though? Here are some B2B video marketing ideas that are sure to convert customers and drive demand. 

  • Product review videos. Get your customers behind the camera and have them tell the world their experience with the product. Let’s return to that accounting software company. That company could benefit from representatives from an accounting firm sharing how the software benefitted their firms and boosted productivity. The product review video would then be a powerful tool for conversion when customers are debating your product or a competitor’s. 
  • Promotional video. Not every customer is going to know about your company or product. Promotional videos are a great way to just get awareness out there. There are so many ways to create a promotional video, but it’s a great way to showcase your company’s unique brand with these B2B marketing videos. 
  • Webinars. Educational content is important, as we explained earlier. Webinars are something potential customers in your industry may turn to to get information about a question they have. Your webinar videos can then be a great way to showcase your expertise and get them interested in your company. 
  • Virtual events. Video doesn’t just have to be recorded in advance. You can hold events that would interest industry experts and potential customers and hold those over video. These can get people thinking about your company and help you make connections with other companies and future clients. 
  • SEO videos. Google, YouTube, Twitter. You want to show up on all of these. Creating short and snappy videos targeting keywords is a great way to get your videos ranking up high on Google. These slots are great for awareness videos that educate your audience and get your name on their radar. 
  • Video ads. People see 4,000–10,000 ads a day. They’re everywhere. Get your videos out there to reach people as they come across ads in their day-to-day lives. 
  • Product demos. Like customer reviews, people want to see what your product is really like. Product demo videos are a great way to show your customers what they can expect from your product and how it works. They’ll feel prepared to get started when they’ve already seen it in action. These videos are great when customers are deciding between products. Show how your product works, and your customers might be more inclined to buy yours. 

B2B Video Marketing with VideoPeel

Video is the future of B2B marketing. But how do you get started with video creation? There are all sorts of video platforms across the board that can help you create specific types of videos. When you’re looking at creating customer product review videos, VideoPeel is ready to help. 

Capturing customer experience is an important part of B2B video marketing and taking advantage of your marketing funnel. Build your credibility and boost your video creation (both quality and quantity) by letting VideoPeel help you. Create a lasting impression on your audience with VideoPeel. Try out VideoPeel today to get started with your new B2B video marketing tool. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, video marketing is what the next few years hold for B2B marketing. More and more companies are shifting their marketing efforts to video. It’s where companies are investing, and it’s for a great reason. Your video marketing can leave lasting impressions and work in your favor at any point during the marketing funnel. Video is the future of marketing, and we’re excited to see what it holds!

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