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Marketing Video Software

Marketing Video Software: An Overview

Companies are continuously coming up with new innovative ways to reach, gain, and maintain customer personas of all sorts. What was once a trend is now a $135 billion dollar industry. Video marketing has set a new precedent for content marketing in all industries. Video marketing software gives companies full control over content personalization. Marketers use marketing video software to create content on a product or service to integrate into their marketing campaigns. Such videos highlight use, lifestyle context, and value to drive sales. Video marketing software has taken the marketing world by storm and skyrocketed online sales across the board. Let’s break down how this software can change the course of your business’s outreach efforts.

Video Marketing Software Pro’s

Multimedia Potential

Video marketing is a powerhouse for multimedia elements. Video is the perfect medium for inclusion of pertinent imagery such as graphs, animations, greenscreens, and other motion graphics. The multimedia concept video brings to the table leverages more appealing and memorable visual content your audience will absorb. Try adding music or sound effects for even more cognitive enhancement


In today’s modern world it has never been easier to reach your audience through mobile data strategies. The average American spends 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone. Most mobile data traffic stems from video. Integrating eye catching, concise video content into your digital marketing strategy that is compatible with smartphones and other portable devices is key for higher engagement rates. 


Studies show 95% of video viewers retain the information compared to 10% of information absorbed by reading copy. That number will rise with shorter videos. Most consumers prefer watching a brand’s video over reading copy on blogs, whitepapers and newsletters. Keeping your brands videos short and concise is proven to increase attention and engagement through marketing video software.

High Engagement and ROI

Consumers want to see more video from brands. Video has an 8% higher reach than any other type of social media posting. A study via Google has proven YouTube video ads are up by 150% in over a year. Adding videos to landing pages can increase conversions by up to 80%. Marketing video software can exponentially increase ROI and conversions on your website.

Social Media Benefits

People spend 147 minutes on social media per day. With Youtube being second in popularity to Facebook, imagine what adding video to other social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook could do for business’s engagement and conversion rates. Utilizing marketing video software and social media are key elements to creating an outreach powerhouse. 

Accessibility to Audiences

Not all video is accessible to all audiences. For people to reach your video they must have some sort of hardware such as a computer, television, smartphone or other mobile device. Localization of your video may not always be an option and is a costly alternative for translation and appropriation for cultures and countries. It is also important to consider accessibility to those handicapped with visual or auditory impairment. 


There are several phases to shooting and creating video content. Even if you have an efficient shooting schedule there are pre production aspects like writing, rehearsing, and auditions that need to be considered as well as Post production. Once the production is wrapped up there is still editing, color correcting, and audio syncing that bring the whole video together. It is necessary to take the time and not cut corners in the video production process because it will ultimately create an engaging scene for consumers. 


Video production is costly. There are many paid roles that are involved, from writing, to casting, to crew costs. This doesn’t begin to include microphones, cameras, sets, and other necessary equipment like cameras. Whether you opt to go through an agency or get creative it will cost a chunk of change with the risk of not getting an ROI. 


Our world is ever changing. What is cool and trendy today may not be when you wake up tomorrow. This is especially relevant with social media platforms. Staying up to date in trends creates the need to continuously be putting content out. This again takes time and becomes costly. 

Start Video Marketing with VideoPeel

VideoPeel’s platform easily helps create any form of user-generated content (UGC) like videos, pictures, written responses, and more. Any user's content can be created remotely on any channel including email, text, social media, messenger, QR code, etc. Simply click the link or scan the QR code to start recording. Marketing video software doesn't have to be complicated, check out VideoPeel today and start making content that inspires people to buy!

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