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VideoPeel Raises $1.5 Million

Techstars Boulder graduate will use the growth capital to expand VideoPeel's automated remote capturing and publishing video testimonial technology.

LEHI, UT / ACCESSWIRE / July 17, 2020 / VideoPeel, the automated video testimonial platform for remotely capturing and publishing customer videos, announced a new $1.5 million round of funding. The round is led by Active Capital, a top tier seed firm for B2B SaaS companies outside of Silicon Valley, with other participants including Next Coast Ventures, eonCapital, and angels from Utah, Texas, California, New York, and Brazil.

"While leading product marketing for Facebook ads management and insights, it was clear to me that consumers were losing trust in advertisements and that businesses didn't have the kind of content they needed to tell their story more authentically." says CEO and Cofounder Patrick Tedjamulia, "I left Facebook to fix this. Over the last four months VideoPeel has captured and published video testimonials and reviews for thousands of businesses, and our videos have been viewed over 10 million times."

VideoPeel makes it extremely easy for people to send businesses video testimonials or video reviews. There is no file editing needed, no need to upload to a file sharing service like Dropbox, and no need to upload to a video hosting service like YouTube. One click to record, submit, and share permissions so businesses can publish authentic customer videos to their website and other channels. Video testimonials increase conversions by 24%, build authenticity and trust, and increase engagement three times more than other marketing content.

"Video actually carries so much more weight than a written review. Written reviews are awesome, but the video lets you see the difference. Hearing from the customers, in their own words, makes a massive difference for our business. With VideoPeel, we were able to start getting video reviews that now get published on our site, and that process has been really, really easy. I highly recommend it. If video could be important to your business, you should definitely give it a try, because VideoPeel makes it easy," said Tim Mitchum, President of WINPRO. Click here to view Tim's video testimonial.

"Almost every business in the world wants to better connect with potential customers on web and mobile," said Pat Matthews, founder and CEO of Active Capital. "VideoPeel makes it incredibly easy for existing customers to help future ones make buying decisions through recorded reviews and testimonials."

How VideoPeel works:

  • Automate requests for customer videos after someone purchases your product or service.
  • Remotely capture customer videos from any device, anywhere in the world. No app download, no login required. Just click and record.
  • Customize VideoPeel campaigns with your own branding, include specific instructions with videos, images, or text, utilize multi-prompts, request permissions, and customize thank you messages.
  • Automatically transcode, encrypt, transcribe, caption and manage videos in a private repository.
  • Publish customer videos to your own website, Shopify store, etc. through our VideoPeel Video Testimonial Carousel Player, or our VideoPeel Video Testimonial Picture in Picture Player. Plus, share videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, and other channels, or customize your own video landing pages.
  • Generate consumer insights and analytics that help businesses optimize video performance and better understand their customers.

To learn more about VideoPeel, book a demo or contact us directly here.

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