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The Easiest Way To Get More Testimonials

In Mike Dillard's own words:

"As of a few weeks ago, I noticed that my friend and previous guest on this show, Brian Page, had amassed over 600 video testimonials for his online course which is something that you’ll rarely see.

Getting 600 people to pull out their phone and record a video review of your product or service doesn’t happen on it’s own. There had to be an intentional process taking place behind the scenes, so I reached out to his business partner Blake and asked him what they were doing.

Well, it turns out they were using a new software tool called

GetVideoPeel is a simple online software service that makes it extremely easy for people to send you video testimonials and reviews.

There’s no file editing, or need to upload to any kind of file-sharing or video hosting platform. One click to record, one click to submit, and that’s it. They even integrate a legal release form right into the process.

I thought it was an absolutely brilliant idea, so I reached out to the founder of the service, Patrick Tedjamulia.

Now, before Patrick started down his own path as a business owner, he was one of the heads of product development for Facebook which means he’s an extremely sharp dude. Patrick’s expertise is looking at online user experiences and services, and finding ways to make them easier to use.

Find something that’s hard, create a way to make it simple, and bam, you have a thriving business on your hands.

Well, today you’re going to get the entire story behind the development of, and some incredible ideas on how you can use it to dramatically increase your sales.

I’ve personally started using the software as of last week, and it’s pretty darn awesome."

You can listen to the full podcast interview here.

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