Easily Capture Authentic
Video Testimonials & Video-based Feedback

Capture content instantly, at the perfect moment, to grow conversions,
engagement, customer satisfaction, quality, accuracy, insights, and ROI.

Trusted by over 4,000 companies
User Generated Content made simple
Easily request content from your users wherever they are. VideoPeel helps automate the request and easily publish your content to your website and other location to instantly start generating more sales.
Collect more content. Through remote capturing.
Easily Publish. Push content or plug into your webiste
Increase Revenue. Drive engagement that leads to revenue.

For Testimonials, Interviews, Customer Support, Estimates, Applications, Surveys, etc.

VideoPeel automates the entire customer video lifecycle.
Easily Request content from those that matter most.
Get Permissions
Custom privacy and permissions within your campaign.
Gather videos, photos, text, files and other crucial data with custom fields.
Manage all your content in one centralized location. And collaborate with your team mates.
Plugin content to your website or other apps like Youtube or Facebook.
Track video performance to gain insight into what your users like.
Content Engagement
Conversion Growth
Return on Investment.

For Your Industry

From eCommerce to Education and all industries in between.

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Save time by quickly building campaigns that are specifically customized to your target audience. Start collecting video and image UGC instantly and save it for the right moment to share.

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Increase content and data from your audience

Pinpoint your viewer's needs by directly asking custom questions and receive their organic responses to empower you with better insights into your target audience, alongside your social proof which can be published anywhere.

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Publish your content to grow engagement and trust

Quickly share or publish your UGC to any platform, instantly install video carousels on your own website to benefit from the data you received, and showcase the best results for your products or services from your real customers.

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