Over 40 Campaign Templates

Quickly setup your campaigns with one of these ready made templates.

Testimonials & Reviews Templates

Use one of our read-made campaign templates to collect video testimonials, unboxing videos, how to videos, day in the life videos, product reviews, etc. for social proof, video ads, and to grow conversions.
Authentic Social Proof
Go Beyond Text-based Reviews
Improve Conversions
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Sales & Support Templates

Use one of our ready-made campaign templates to let prospects submit videos for more accurate estimates, virtual consultations, video customer support, product registrations, refund requests, etc.
Reduce Response Time
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Improve Loyalty and Conversions
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Content Creation

With one of our ready-made campaign templates, get customers, influencers, employees, vendors, etc. to create content through requests, challenges, contests, or giveaways.
Generate Content At Scale
Build Video Ads
Improve Conversions
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Assessments, Journals & Celebrations

Use one of our ready-made templates to conduct assignments and assessments via video. Enable video journals in your product. And request video messages for celebrations.
Video Assignments
Video Journals
Birthday, Wedding, & Anniversary Compilation Videos
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Research & Surveys

Use one of our ready-made campaign templates to request beta testing videos, brand feedback, ad effectiveness, consumer behavior, audience definition, customer satisfaction. etc.
Request video-based feedback
Capture consumer behavior
Conduct ad effectiveness studies
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Legal Requests

Use one of our ready-made templates to request videos from potential witnesses, clients, etc. for evidence, investigations, and settlement videos. Plus collect video for your wills, etc.
Conduct remote video-based investigations
Collect video evidence with ease
Capture will & trust testimonial videos
Produce settlement videos quickly and easily
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