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How To Collect Amazon Video Reviews

So, you want to increase the visibility of your Amazon store and listings? I don’t blame you. Amazon sells more than 353 million products, so it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re anything like me, you check Amazon product reviews before you make a purchase. If someone doesn’t have any reviews, I take my business elsewhere. It’s as simple as that. It seems that I’m not the only one. 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from family and friends. If you use Amazon to sell products, reviews are critical to your success.

Now, you can incorporate video reviews into your store and product listings. They’re completely different from the regular text-based reviews you see on the platform and help set you apart.

What are Amazon Video Reviews?

Think of Amazon Video Reviews as visual testimonials — short videos created by customers that capture their real experiences with your product. Customers can show the world what your product can really do.

Amazon introduced customer video reviews back in 2007. But you won’t notice many video reviews in the customer reviews section of product listings, even though they can be much more effective in showcasing real product experiences.

With Amazon’s expansion into video, there are several additional places where video reviews can be published to help grow your business.

Where Can Video Reviews Show Up on Amazon?

Video reviews can appear in the following places on Amazon’s marketplace:

  • Detail Page Image Block: Video reviews can appear at the top of detail pages in one of the image locations. Not everyone has access to this feature, though. You will need to qualify for Enhanced Brand Content to post a video to the image block.
  • Storefronts: Video reviews can also appear in your Amazon Storefronts once you’ve registered and created your store. VideoPeel can help you create the ideal storefront template to showcase your video reviews.
  • Related Video Shorts: This is a new section above customer reviews that showcases related videos and customer video reviews. With VideoPeel’s direct feed into Amazon, you can place multiple video reviews in this section for all of your ASINs at scale.
  • Customer Reviews: Videos can also be submitted through Amazon Customer Reviews. These videos are prominently displayed among the other text-based customer reviews, and the videos will also appear in the Related Video Shorts section.
VideoPeel helped KT Tape collect video reviews from their customers and publish them on each of their product listings in
Are Amazon Video Reviews Important?

Amazon Video Reviews are important because consumers engage better with videos than they do with regular text. Research shows that viewers retain around 95 percent of information when they watch a video compared to 10 percent when they read a piece of text.

It’s no wonder that user-generated videos perform three times better than branded videos in Amazon’s Related Video Shorts section.

Here at VideoPeel, we understand the power of video when it comes to marketing and sales. No other medium generates leads and moves prospects through your sales funnel so effectively.

When Should You Use Amazon Video Reviews?

Use video reviews when you want:

  • To bring your product to life and when you want to show, not just tell;
  • To increase consumer trust in your product and explain what it can do for them;
  • To have real people talk about your brand/store/listings and how well you service customers; or
  • To increase conversions and sales.

VideoPeel has worked with many brands of all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen a lot of success when brands show all the potential uses of their product or when brands show how their products work for different types of people. We’ve also seen success when brands use video reviews to show how a product is set up, how it works, and how it can be used to meet a specific need.

For example, EcoFlow Tech, the creators of the River Mobile Power Station, used VideoPeel to capture video reviews and to publish them on Amazon. With the help of VideoPeel, EcoFlow has been able to grow its Amazon sales by 500 percent.

How Do You Collect Video Reviews?

You can collect video reviews from people that purchased your product on Amazon or that purchased your product outside of Amazon. You just need to ask, get permission, and have a very simple and easy way for customers to submit video reviews directly to you. This way you’re able to publish the authentic video review with permission on multiple locations.

VideoPeel provides the software and services to collect, manage, and publish video reviews on Amazon and other channels. Even if your product is not out yet, VideoPeel can help you find the right beta customers to test your product and video record their real experiences.

Amazon Video Reviews let you promote your e-commerce business in a fresh way. Customers can recommend your products and encourage other consumers to purchase your product. Want to start collecting video reviews for Amazon and other channels? Sign-up for our seven day free trial here.

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