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Leverage Video Reviews To Make Your Amazon Sales Explode In 2020

CJ Rosenbaum is an attorney & partner at Rosenbaum, Famularo & Segall, P.C., interviews VideoPeel CEO and co-founder Patrick Tedjamulia. Rosenbaum, Famularo & Segall, P.C., the law firm behind, understands that Amazon sellers live and die by reviews, which is why VideoPeel can help explode your sales with not just reviews, but also video testimonials.

Amazon Private Label Sellers Must Turn Into Brands

Amazon has allowed for anybody to really become a private label seller. This is the forefront of modern business where anybody can develop their own private label brands and compete with the big boys. It provides the insane opportunity for the everyday individuals to get on a world stage and start competing. But if they want to compete, they’ve got to turn into a brand, and they have to be able to differentiate their products in a way that produces services and provides really strong, continual service on brand that allows them to have multiple products.

If you are an Amazon seller, and you want to build up an account with value, build up long-term business, and become platform agnostic, you have to build out your brand. You have to develop your intellectual property in your own following. And now is the time to do it. Private label brand is the future.

VideoPeel For Video Testimonials

I am a VideoPeel consumer. Okay, that’s who we use for our video testimonials. So, Patrick, let’s get right into VideoPeel. What is it? What’s its goal. How does it work?

When I was working at Facebook, I helped them build their advertising platform, Ads Manager, what everybody uses to run ads on Facebook. I noticed that video was just growing. It was staggering how quickly people were consuming video. But the hurdle for growth for us at Facebook at the time was that brands did not have video and they were hungry. And we knew that video performed better. We knew that video could solve a lot of problems. And most of these brands were having problems with conversion, the conversion would be like 1% right. How could they improve that? And so I got into and I was like, there’s gotta be a better way. These advertisers are spending tons of money maybe like 30 grand to do one video right and hoping that it’s going viral and lovable. Maybe there’s 1 percent that goes viral, right? But how could we change that?

And then consumers were losing trust and adds. It’s funny, right, because I helped build this platform that allowed any business to say whatever they wanted to whoever they wanted. And I quickly realized that we had done something that you know was great was helping a lot of businesses but also leaving consumers with a lot of confusion. And people were losing trust with ads.

I think the losing trust factor is huge. I don’t really believe that testimonials like paid spokesman like Joe Namath selling life insurance are really effective anymore because Bezos and Amazon changed the whole system, where people need to hear from other consumers just like them. The greatest thing about VideoPeel is is that you can get reviews from everyday people, everyday consumers to help sell your product to other consumers.

Exactly right. We need to find a way to allow consumers to learn from other consumers about the products they use each and every day. It really is the real essence of trust. I believe from my research that trust comes from somebody that, you know, that’s like you, right, that is able to actually experience those things that you want to experience that they’re able to share with you what they have first person experience with.

Hold on, let me stop. Let me show our viewers what we’re talking about. So again, Like I said, I am a user of VideoPeel. Here’s one of mine. I’ve got mine on the screen right here. And what I love about it is that it really shows real people. That’s a seller who reached out to us and we gave him some advice.  We use these now to show other sellers that we are trustworthy. They can see us. And when you use real people, each person looks a bit different. That background is different to talking in real everyday language. And this is something that I think is the absolute future for review sales. Also, in terms of review manipulation, each one is entirely different. So I think the risk of getting a review manipulation suspension from a video review is very remote. Yeah, that’s correct. You know, we have been working with Amazon, so we have a direct connection, so VideoPeel can actually through our connection with Amazon we can post any of these video reviews directly to any ASIN.

So we take this. Let’s break it down, step by step. Like I used the reviews and we put him on our Facebook. We put him on our website, but this is what blew my mind when two of us first met is that you have a way of linking your videos right into Amazon, which I had never heard of before. Okay, up until this moment, the way to get video reviews onto Amazon was a huge pain in the ass for sellers. So talk about let’s take it step by step. First Amazon seller has to do is open a VideoPeel account, right? That’s right. You can go to today, and you can then begin collecting videos. Maybe you can share how easy it is for you. How easy has it been for you?

I gotta tell you, it’s it’s very easy to do, but you have to find the right consumer. Like when I talked to a seller, I’m on the phone. We give free advice. Then we say, by the way, no problem giving you free advice. Would you mind leaving a video review? And all you do is you send them a link. I always ask him to open on their phones. It’s a lot easier, and they boom. They open it up, and they shoot it right then and there. And bam, it pops up on your VideoPeel account. All right, easy. That’s right, it’s it’s designed that way.

We learn quickly that it’s it’s non-trivial for someone to create a video right with their phone. For someone to do that about your business, it’s it’s something that they probably wouldn’t do, so it takes a little bit, and that little bit is simply that you need to make a request, and so our system allows you to generate a link, and you can send that link however you want to send. It could be through an email it to me through, you know, a message on Facebook Messenger. It could be Whats App. If you have international clients, it could be through a text message.

So when you send that link, you can actually customize what’s in the link from the VideoPeel interface itself. And it’s important that you do that because the questions you include to ask people are very important…..

View the video below for the rest of the interview.

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