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Video Communities and the Value of the Retention-Advocacy Feedback Loop

Learn how brand-specific video communities create self-sustaining cycles of advocacy and retention.

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Newest Deloitte Study Highlights Power of Consumer Participation, Experience, and Trust

VideoPeel breaks down key takeaways from Deloitte's 2021 Global Marketing Trends Research.

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The Second Principle of Video Social Proof Means Putting People First

Sustainable growth means remembering that people are the power behind your brand.

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10 Benefits Of Video-Based Research

As a professional researcher with over 20 years of experience building innovative new tools and methods, the advent of mobile video-based research is the most exciting innovation in the insights industry since the introduction of web-based surveys.

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VideoPeel Co-Founders Present At Amazon AWS Summit In Anaheim, CA

It was a beautiful day in Anaheim, CA. Over 5,000 technology experts were gathered for the Amazon AWS Summit to hear the latest best practices in AI, Machine Learning, and Cloud technologies. Amazon had invited the founders of VideoPeel, Patrick Tedjamulia and Ben Cobb to speak about their solution.

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