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Remotely collect, publish, and analyze customer videos in seconds for video testimonials, voice of the customer, video walkthroughs and video messages.

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Automate the collection of videos INSTANTLY without the hassle.

VideoPeel removes the frustration from collecting videos. Customers, beta testers, or influencers simply click on your VideoPeel link to submit a video, no login-in or app download required.

  • No App Download Required
  • No Login Required
  • Across All Devices
  • Click to Record

Customize your request

Customize our proven video campaign templates to maximize submissions. Select from our profile message, photo message, or video message campaigns. Handle permissions easily with one click or via signature.

Recruit customers, influencers, beta testers, and authority figures

Recruit from your own customers, but also extend your video marketing efforts to beta testers, influencers, or authority figures to test your product and services, and capture their experiences with video. Simply specify the demographics and psychographics of the people you're interested in recruiting, and VideoPeel will handle the recruitment.

  • Customer Recruiting
  • Influencer Recruiting
  • Micro-influencer Recruiting
  • Authority Figure Recruiting
  • Beta Tester Recruiting

Capture customer videos for each of your business objectives

We've identified over 163 different types of customer videos you can collect with VideoPeel. Depending on your business objective, collect the authentic customer videos that will most effectively meet your business needs.

Bring your products and services to life.

With our Video Library, Video Carousel Player and Picture in Picture Player, customers can show how they use your product or service.

Grow engagement, conversions, and insights!

VideoPeel automates the entire customer video lifecycle.
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Get 6X the engagement (Time on Site) compared to other content.
Grow your conversions by 20% or more.
Get a 10X Return on Investment.
Join the thousands of businesses worldwide who are personalizing their marketing the way they've always wanted.
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Publish customer videos where it matters most.

Syndicate your videos to Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Instagram, Google, Facebook and Amazon Live, Shopify, Wayfair, The Homedepot, etc.. any of your sales channels.

Incorporate authenticity into your advertising.

Take your prospecting and retargeting ad campaigns to new heights with video testimonials from real customers.

Collaborate with your teams and partners to organize, edit and publish

As a team, approve, organize, edit and publish your videos to tell the most emotional and inspiring story possible.

Get analytics and insights on campaign and video performance

See how effective your campaigns and videos are so you can continually optimize performance. And gather consumer insights for strategic decision making.

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VideoPeel Joins Techstars Boulder Class of 2020

We’re excited to announce that VideoPeel has been selected to join the Techstars Boulder Class of 2020. As a result, VideoPeel is making its video testimonials and video reviews technology platform available for every business.

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The Easiest Way to Get More Testimonials

Mike Diillard shares his experience with using VideoPeel. He has integrated to his mentoring software. Here he also interviews co-founder of VideoPeel, Patrick Tedjamulia.

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VideoPeel Raises $1.5 Million

VideoPeel, the automated video testimonial platform for remotely capturing and publishing customer videos, announced a new $1.5 million round of funding.

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