Social Proof Your Course or Book with Video Testimonials

Collect the stories of your customers in seconds!

Automate Requests for Video Testimonials

  • Email Messages, SMS, Manychat, Social, etc.

    Just include a link in your communication channels.

  • Integrate the request in your course

    Include a link in your course flow, or funnel to automate the request at the right time.

Customizable Video Requests

Provide Instructions

Give your customers simple directions. Provide them with details and instructions for their video.

  • Personalized
  • Branded
  • Customizable
  • Multi-prompts
One Click

One click to record across any device. Anywhere in the world. No app download, nor login required.

Customize your terms
Set the privacy policy and terms of conditions specific to your needs. And request a signature if required. You can also request for additional user information, including text or photos.
Customize your Thank you
Set the thank you message and call to action to guide your customers to next steps. These can include automated incentives, discount codes, etc..

Single Repository for All Your Videos

Videos automatically upload to your private VideoPeel account for review. Easily organize and download at anytime.

Publish Videos Where it Matters Most

  • Social Proof Your Funnels

    Include authentic video testimonials in every step of your funnel. From your ads, to your webinar, and your check out page.

Add Authenticity to Video Ads

Include video testimonials in your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and other advertising channels.

Increase Engagement by 3X

Include video testimonials in your funnels to show real people who have implemented your training.

Increase conversions by 20%

Include video testimonials in your checkout pages.