Video Testimonials For Your Amazon Product Listings

Show what your products can do.

Be More Authentic

Automate The Collection Of Customer Videos INSTANTLY Without The Hassle

With our Shopify Integration, we automatically send email and/or SMS requests to your customers. No app download nor login required, across all devices, simply click to record. Plus, we can also automate your thank you message. Klaviyo and Manychat integrations are also available. If you don't have an eCommerce store, we can recruit beta testers to record their real experiences.

Curate And Manage Your Videos In One Place

  • Manage Permissions

    Customize your user agreements and retain a record for each of your video submissions.

    Automate Transcriptions

    Automate transcriptions of each of your video submissions for better search-ability and publishing.

    Tagging and Filtering

    Organize videos easily so they can be published to the right product listing pages or video communities.

    Multi-User Collaboration

    Invite partners, agencies, and team members to collaborate on your videos.

Increase Conversions

Publish The Right Videos To The Right Shoppers

We can help you publish directly to your Amazon product listings in your image block and your video shorts section to give your product listing the growth in time spent and conversions you deserve.

Get Video For Your Amazon Ads

Publish Your Videos As Amazon Ads

Make your ads more authentic with video testimonials and product demonstrations from your real customers.

Go LIVE AUthentically

Publish Your Videos To Amazon Live

Bring your customer video testimonials to your LIVE stream on Amazon LIVE.

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Publish As Facebook And Instagram Ads

We can also help you publish your videos as Facebook and Instagram ads to increase conversions.