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User Generated Content made simple
Easily request content from your users wherever they are. VideoPeel helps automate the request and easily publish your content to your website and other location to instantly start generating more sales.
Collect more content. Through remote capturing.
Easily Publish. Push content or plug into your webiste
Increase Revenue. Drive engagement that leads to revenue.

Automate Customer Videos Throughout The Enterprise.

Capture customer videos instantly, at the perfect moment, to grow conversions, engagement,
customer satisfaction, quality, accuracy, insights, and ROI.
Enable prospects to submit videos showing their needs so you can make accurate estimates & increase sales.
Content Marketing
Capture authentic video testimonials and success stories, then publish them on your website, ads, social, and other channels to increase conversions and ROI.
Increase community engagement through video. Empower your audience to finally share their voice, experiences, and show who they are, and who they've become.
Recruiting & Employer Branding
Recruit the right people for your team, campaign, or project through video interviews that bring your candidates and culture to life.
Research & Surveys
Conduct insight-rich qualitative research about your audiences with fully customizable video surveys and video players.
Customer Support
Increase customer satisfaction and improve issue resolution by empowering customers to show, not just tell.
Content Engagement
Conversion Growth
Return on Investment

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From eCommerce to Education and all industries in between.

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Fully customize your customer video request

Save time by quickly building customer video campaigns that are specifically customized to your team's target audience. Enable every department in your company to start collecting customer videos instantly.

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Increase video content and data from your audiences

Pinpoint your prospect's or customer's needs by directly asking customized questions and receive their organic video responses easily to empower you with better insights.

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Share & publish your customer videos

Automate permission handling and quickly share your customer videos to the right audience through appropriate channels and workflows like your CRM, social, or your website by sharing video links or instantly installing video carousels, lists, galleries and playlists.

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